Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Other Golden Demon entries of 1998

 These guys made the cut but didn't get a place on the podium.

Chaos Ogre

Necromunda Orlock Voodoo Gang


  1. Man, you have some incredible stuff here ! May I suggest you add a follower gadget thingee so that people suscribe to your blog and it gets the audience it should have?
    And while you're at it, why not suscribe to the oldhammer forum? You should feel at home there!
    Impressive work I'm hopintg to see more of...

  2. Thanks for your compliments. Appreciate it. What do you recommend as a gadget? Am new to this so need a few pointers. Yeah, I had a quick look at the Oldhammer forum. Will get on it.

  3. Since I'm french I don't know the exact terms but in the display section of blogger, you can add widgets, one of which being "followers" (maybe in the "more" section).
    Adding this gadget helps people register to your blog in one click (actually 3) but it's easier than the url copy-paste.
    Hope this helps and we can see more !