Tuesday, 11 February 2014

C33 Adventure Pack Chaos Knights

 These guys are among my most favourite of all the Citadel legends. I spent years searching for them back in the pre ebay days. I managed to find a phone number for someone in Wiltshire who apparently had a load of old figures for trade. I managed to get them to swap these great figs for some Slann cavalry I was willing to part with. I remember they sent them to the wrong address and the house that they were posted to was at the time unoccupied so I had to find out who owned the property and get them to open up the front door. There they were amidst a pile of unopened letters that looked like they'd been there for several months.
 Anyway, it took years for me to get round to painting them conclusively after a couple of half hearted attempts. I must admit, the steeds are some of the most awkward figures to paint; trying to get a brush under the tassles was a real chore. I shall at some stage, paint the versions of these guys on foot.

These figs just oooze character. Such creativity has gone into them So unique; the likes will never be seen again.

 Chaos General

 Chaos Hero

Chaos Champion

Chaos Knight

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