Thursday, 4 December 2014

Amratha Mangorer - Arch Demon of Chaos

 While I'm in between Beastmen I have decided to focus my attention on a figure that had been sat around basecoated on my desk for months. It's always a shame to see a fig that's been started and not finished just sat around in half painted limbo as I've mentioned on previous posts somewhere. Anyway, new house/painting desk, new regime! I was very glad to have him completed after so long and I plan on getting the build up of others like him finished off in the forthcoming weeks/months.

This fabulous sculpt, Amratha Mangorer from the Citadel C28 Giant Demons range was one of the stand out figures when I turned the pages of the 3rd Citadel Compendium for the very first time, way back. 

A long overdue and most welcome addition to my forces of Chaos.

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