Friday, 26 June 2015

Rogue Trader Marine Update - Attack Bike

 After a several month break of any production on my Rogue Trader Marine Army, I have decided to get back on it. I was surprised how relatively quickly I churned out this Marine Attack Bike; about 4 evenings which is pretty good going for me.
 Just as the previous bike I painted last year, the rider is one of the Rhino crewmen which most of them make more than adequate bikers. I've always been a big fan of the passenger;  the dude with the scanner whose versatility makes him ideal for poking out the top of a Rhino or Predator as well.

 Assembling this beast was a bit tricky at times; particularly the connection between bike and sidecar frame. I had to force a pair of tweezers underneath for support overnight while the epoxy resin was setting (I opted not to pin this join). This morning I had to carefully detatch the tweezers that had ended up gluing themselves to the ensemble in the process.

More marines to follow soon; more than likely another bike of some sort or development on a second tactical squad.

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