Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Rogue Trader Space Marine Chapter Master and Champion

 Next up are two additions to my Star Reavers Space Marine chapter; the Chapter Master and the Chapter Master's Champion.

Arjath Lysitheus, Chapter Master of The Star Reavers and Rasiel Hadrioleus, Arjath's Champion.

 I have used two known Space Marine characters to create these; Ultramarine Chapter Master Marneus Calgar and Space Wolf Primarch Leman Russ. Unlike character models in 40k today that are very specific, Calgar is quite a generic sculpt so can easily be used as a character figure for any marine army. The stone chair is inscripted with "Our Presence Remakes The Past" which I believe is an Ultramarine motto but hey, you can't really see it with him sat on the chair so what the hell.

I used a medic's chainsword for Rasiel as the original weapon was very runic and too Space Wolf like. Besides, his previous owner had removed it already.

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