Monday, 30 November 2015

Sneak Preview Figures for Citadel Undead Diorama

It's been a few weeks since I've posted on here. Not that I haven't been busy mind. Here are a few figures recently painted that will go onto a large (ish) diorama that has up until recently been in blueprint stage since 2001. I won't go into detail just yet (I have actually completed about 25% of it at present) but will wait until it's finished; realistically it will be sometime during next year, until I post anymore details. I can say though that it will be the largest project I have ever undertaken.

Witch Lord

This guy has to be one of my favourite ever figures and makes the perfect leader for any Undead army. Maybe it's just me but he's an absolute bitch to paint. He doesn't fit that well on his horse either so I had to sculpt a bit more to his cloak.

It seems a bit weird not painting the bases so apologies if they look a little unfinished.

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