Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Citadel Orc Warlord - Korgak Spleenripper

 Up next (and I couldn't wait to get this fella done) is who I plan to represent as my army commander.

 I like the way he's not too massive and OTT but looks mean enough to stand out as an obvious leader.

Korgak Spleenripper flanked by two boar riding bowmen

The banner pole had a serious crack which resulted in me breaking and pinning it and then sculpting a metal band to hide the join.

 I decided to give the boar black fur for bad ass purposes. Now as for the banner pole which is actually a shaman's variant, I'm not even sure how you're supposed to fix this on, other than drill a hole in the boar's arse, cut the funny bit at the base of the pole off and pin what's left to the boar. So apologies if it looks a bit shite fixed where it is; couldn't think of a better solution.

 So I'm waiting for a few more boar riders to come my way now so meantime I'll be tackling the army showpiece. Hopefully I'll have that blogged in time for Orctober.

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