Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Rogue Trader Marine Sergeant on Bike

 Here is the last in a trio of bikes which rounds off my Rogue Trader Marine army for a while. This guy is the sergeant who I have used one of the limited edition Christmas Marines/Spaced Out Marines, giving him a pair of riders legs.

Using non original bike rider figures like Rhino tank crewmen and the Christmas marine gave me a bit more scope and envisaged that mounting up or parked up feel. Incidentally, the other Christmas Marine has been converted but he'll be mounted on something different.
But for now, the Star Reavers marine chapter comes to a close. All that remains is a terminator librarian, a medic, a techmarine and one more unit which will remain anonymous until I can amass them. A refreshing new project will begin this week so I should have one or two figures from that to post up very soon.


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