Friday, 11 September 2015

Rogue Trader Space Marine Vignette - Salvation

Star Reavers Exploration Force
Medusa V

Rogue Trader Space Marine Vignette

 Bringing up my half century of posts, this has been a project that I have had planned out for some time now; I just needed to get my ass in gear and start it. There isn't a great deal of conversion work on display here, just a collection of great figs that have been sculpted in appropriate positions for me to achieve what I aimed for.

 I have stuck with my Star Reavers marine chapter but have painted them in the chapter's exploration force colours (that's not because I was running out of Go Fasta Red; I merely wanted to give them a little more scope).

 The centrepiece of the vignette may look a little flimsy but seems pretty durable. I drilled a hole up the left leg of the marine up to the knee and inserted some brass rod that goes all the way through the terrain and into the base. A second brass rod was fitted into his left forearm and travels nearly the whole way through the back end of the jet bike. Two part epoxy resin has been used to make sure it's not going anywhere unless I drop it. I have also used the last two of my rhino crewmen (all have now been used for other purposes), one being rescued, the other wounded and left to his fate.

Some work in progress shots. I should have taken many more really.

 Originally a Limited Edition, this is my personal favourite Chaos Renegade. Its colour scheme has been partially based on an entry from the 1988 Golden Demon Awards.

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