Monday, 28 September 2015

Confrontation Bratt Ganger

 Up this time is the first Bratt ganger to join the leader I painted last week. Though not as crammed with detail as his leader, there is still plenty to paint on this one. This guy, along with the other Bratt ganger I possess (currently being painted now) are both limited editions and can be fairly difficult to get hold of.

 I decided not to go with a colour arrangement that exactly matched the leader and like Harlequin troups you can get away with the use of colour in different areas. There is undoubtedly a technical term for this but it's getting late and I can't really think straight.

 Rather unimaginably I have gone for the smiley badge which the only other two painted examples of this fig have both had.

 So two down, one to go. Then it'll be a case of trying to get hold of the remaining unreleased Bratt gangers.....

Don't hold your breath.

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