Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My Chaos Warband Begins

 With my last Bratt ganger not quite finished, I have eagerly made a start on my next project a Chaos Warband which I'm planning on having completed by the end of the year.
 After pondering briefly on which Chaos power to choose I opted for Khorne probably for the main reason that I already have most of their champions and daemons so it saves a lot of time and money hunting stuff down.

 Up first is an Ogre armed with a flint headed spear and axe which is one of the three head variants (and my perosnal favourite of the three) from the AD&D range; a series of figures that I have sometimes tended to overlook, mainly because of limited catalogue appearances.

 I think one of the beauties of painting a warband is that there is enough figure variation to keep one motivated without getting too bogged down with units all looking the same, getting bored, moving on to another project and leaving yet another one unfinished as we all can be guilty of that from time to time.

 The next plan is establish some discipline in order to finish off that Bratt ganger, attempt to bash out something for Orktober and crack on with the next member of this warband, although I haven't decided on who yet; I'm still deciding on final ideas for the leader so it's more likely it'll be a follower or followers of some kind.

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