Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mordheim Tilean Warband Completed!

 Last week I painted my first ever crossbowman - and now I've painted a second along with axe wielding fighter and a henchman to round off my Tilean warband.

L'Ordine Della Falcone

 All 8 mercenaries are finished; here are the final three.

Gennaro Castagnola, a mercenary axeman from the southern city of Luccini. Once a bodyguard to a former State Leader, Gennaro chose the life as a mercenary after the overthrow and assassination of his master.

Orlando Di Chiara, a deadly marksman from Pavona. A deserter from the Pavonan Municipal Guard, the renegade Orlando has opted for the mercenary life and the quest for riches.

Ubaldo Monzo, a brutish criminal from Remas with a reputation for murder and extortion.  Hired by Condottiero Leopoldo Di Vittorio for his cold blooded and ruthless brutality.

 So that's that; a rare case of me actually starting a project and finishing it without any breaks or other figure distractions. I will kind of keep this warband open ended as I may add one or two more should I feel the need at some point; perhaps a duellist or even something a tad larger.

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