Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Beginning of a Tilean Mercenary Warband

 Okay so it's not another Chaos Warrior this week as planned. Instead, still on diorama break, I've made a start on something from this year's to do list; a Tilean Mercenary Warband.

 Tilean Mercenary Captain Leopoldo Di Vittorio with champions Umberto Colombano (left) and Ermilo Moscatelli (right).

Leopoldo Di Vittorio, hailing from Toscania in northern Tilea. Standing at a lofty 6'6", Leopoldo is an imposing figure who is bred from aristocracy.

Umberto Colombano of Udolpho, also in the north. A man of great brutish strength who lost his left eye battling with his feuding brother whom he vanquished.

Ermilo Moscatelli, from Trantio. Despite his slender build, Ermilo is a hardy warrior; a knowledgeable fellow with a fondness of Cathayan philosophy. 

 Apart from a red yellow and black (I think) colour scheme in a White Dwarf (again, I think) there is little to suggest a specific livery for Tilea. This gave me plenty of scope on what colours to choose so it was a good excuse for turquoise and purple.

 I've been thinking about which figs to use for a while now and looking slightly further afield from Empire and classic fighters I spied some serious potential within the Eternal Champion range.
 The warband Mercenary Captain has been represented by Elric of Melniboné from the Eternal Champion box set. I think he looks well suited as a Tilean aristocrat with his pomp and haughtiness.

 For the warband champion I opted for using Smiorgan Baldhead from the Eternal Champion personalities range. This is a figure that I'd almost forgotten about; he's a cracking sculpt and makes the perfect Empire character.

 For the third warband member, I used the Gunnery Captain from the F2 fighters range. Another great fig, all three are sculpted by different designers; Jes Goodwin, Alan/Michael Perry and Aly Morrison respectively.

 So that's that for now; I haven't fully decided on which other figures to use for the rest of the band yet although one or two have been pencilled in.

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