Sunday, 17 April 2016

Tzeentch Warband Underway!

 With our 40k warbands underway and Rochie kicking off his Warhammer Nurgle Warband in spectacular style, it's time for my Tzeentch warband to come into play.
 I rolled myself a Level 5 Human Hero and the obligatory Level 1 Wizard power and for personal attributes, Breathes Fire and Choose Your Own (I decided on Three Heads as I was desperate to have an excuse to use one of my favourite Jes Goodwin Champions!) I equipped him with an extra sword and light armour.

 Then it was onto the retinue; we decided to allow a free roll from the Other Table to give us the chance to roll something a bit different. I ended up rolling Two Minotaurs, One Troll, Two Hobgoblins, Four Beastmen and finally from the Other Table, a Cold One. Overall I was pretty happy with that, particularly the Choose Your Own. ;)

 So here is Dieter Heldengast:

Once an aspiring Mercenary renowned for his skills with twin blades named Hatred's Tear and Hope's End, Dieter and his two brothers, Marius and Rainer had embarked from Marienberg, their hometown and like many other fortune seekers, set out for Mordheim in search of Warpstone.
Marius and Rainer, the two younger siblings although daring and reckless such as mercenaries are generally portrayed, were proud and honourable young men at heart but Dieter was reputed to being a double dealing untrustworthy fellow; a back stabber (literally) who would stop at nothing to exploit for his own ends.  
 The destiny of Deiter Heldengast would be drastically reshaped when the brothers' journey came to a sudden end on the last leg in the sombre province of Ostermark after a brutal skirmish with Tzeentchian cultists in a temple hidden in the mists of the Eerie Downs. Their opponents were little better than peasants presumably persecuted  and displaced from their homes in the nearby villages but their leader, a Magister was a more formidable opponent and Dieter was badly wounded in the face from a misaimed spell that would have obliterated him if his would-be assailant wasn't cut down from behind by Marius and Rainer.
 Laying there in blind agony still clutching his two blades, Dieter was overcome by a whispering reedy voice in his head. His brothers, bent over him were querying his situation but he could not hear them as the voice continued to enchant and captivate him. Eventually he requested they help him to his feet; on doing so Marius and Rainer were cruelly run through by their blinded sibling!
As they lay there dying in disbelief, the heads of the unfortunate pair began to dissolve as Dieter still enthralled by the alluring voice began to change. His severely damaged face became smooth and featureless apart from his mouth. Two new heads were formed either side of his own; the heads of his brothers. These were now also bald and featureless save
 for a single eye on each. His twin blades became magnificent curved weapons of fire; each bearing the mark of Tzeentch and his armour now a mass of intricate grooves of blue and red. Without hesitation, a jet of flame burst from his mouth and smothered the corpses of brothers and cultists alike.
Turning his back on the inferno, Dieter strode proudly from the scene of carnage and out onto the Eerie Downs in excitement at the prospect of serving his most generous new master....

I'd have to say this is my favourite of all the Jes Goodwin Tzeentch Champions and like the others, I found him not an easy fig to paint; for a day or so I just sat looking at it. I'd definitely categorise as one of those "Where The Fuck Do I Start?!" figures.
Anyway, there he is. So it's back over to Rochie for the next chapter of his 40k warband as it's time for me to resume my own one.

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