Tuesday, 26 April 2016

40k Renegade Warband Update - In search of a ship

 Taking up the baton from Rochie once more, it's my turn to contribute to the 40k side of our warband project again and have made a start on Kalrath's followers; two of the humans in fact.

Kalrath The Barbarous with drug traffickers, Rollan Dattilo (left) and Miki Machida

 Having fled his chapter on Samson IV in the Calixis Sector and The Inquisition in pursuit, Kalrath was in dire need of an escape off world and with luck, obtain some loyal followers who could assist him in his long term plans. 
 Eager to find a crew with a ship, the renegade found some form of fortune in the underworld by encountering two runners for notorious drug trafficker Deverell Del Core.
 Psychopathic drug addicts, Miki Machida and Rollan Dattilo were easy targets for Kalrath, both having experienced glimpses of Chaos from the warpstorm tainted glass shards they constantly craved.
Satisfied with the initial recruitment but in need of more devotees to the cause, the next step for Kalrath was to arrange a meeting with Deverell Del Core....

Both figures are part of the Judge Dredd Perps range and were great fun to paint. My aim is to keep this retinue in a totally non uniform style.
So next week it will be back to the fantasy Chaos warband and I'm sure Rochie will be posting his efforts for that one over the next few days.

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