Thursday, 5 May 2016

Tzeentch Warband Update - The Beginning of a Retinue

 Well it's back to the Tzeentch warband and with a banging effort from Rochie over the weekend, it's time to do my bit and start building a retinue for Dieter Heldengast.
 I've been hoping to get this posted up before now but a weekend of kid's football and a few jars has waylaid it a little. Anyway, up first is one of the beastmen who I decided would make a suitable rider for the Cold One I rolled on the Other Table.

 I can't recall the last time I saw a beastman ride a Cold One but a first time for everything I guess. Also, this is surprisingly the first Bob Olley sculpt I've ever painted and I have to admit despite being quite challenging, it was a great one to work with. I'm not sure he coheres that well with the Bob Naismith Cold One sculpt nor would I have ever devised the idea of bonding these two figures together but that's the beauty of rolling a warband isn't it?

 In search of devotees, Dieter Heldengast headed southwest from the Bleak Moors to the Dead Wood, a fearsome region of ill repute where men will not dwell nor enter without good reason. It was in this hellish place where Dieter encountered the first of his loyal subjects. The intense stillness of the air was broken by a cacophony of many startled voices and bestial growling. Drawing his twin blades of fire, the Tzeentch Champion strode determinedly towards the source of the commotion and upon entering a clearing saw a good dozen or so panicked human peasants armed with various polearms and the like. Their quarry which had been cornered against a group of trees was an ornately armoured beastman riding a Cold One lizard which angrily attempted to pounce but until now had been repelled by the peasants' lengthy weapons. Dieter was upon them in an instant, fire blades tearing through flesh as cries of terror and angony filled the air. One unfortunate severed in two, lengthways; the tissue cauterized. Wielding his mace, the beastman urged his snarling mount headlong into the mass of hysterical peasants. The onslaught was brief;  the Cold One feasted on the flesh of the fallen while its master knelt before Dieter, offering its services while nearby the sound of low grunts and tramping through undergrowth was suddenly heard. Something was about to enter the clearing....

That's all for now. Next up will be another addition to the 40k warband sometime during the following week but not before Rochie has come up with another brilliant contribution of his own.

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