Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Palatine Hive Challenge Update - Helmawr Confrontation Gang

  So I've spent the last couple of weeks pushing the Helmawr gang on for the Palatine Hive Facebook page challenge. And a bit of a challenge they have been. It's all be a case of getting the right colour scheme with this lot as I've rambled on about in the previous post on this project.

 Personally I think these unreleased guys aren't quite as good sculpts (all by Roy Eastland) as the limited edition one. There is one more that I don't have but he's my least favourite so I won't be losing too much sleep trying to track him down.

 So the final post will be the big man; the Helmawr leader. He was originally the first guy on the list but due to a bit of ill planning and indecision on colours, I fucked him up. In fact, opting to get these gangers out of the way first has made life easier for paving the way for the leader and I certainly feel there's now less to fear.

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