Saturday, 10 December 2016

Broo/Beastman Unit Leader - A Mighty Beastlord

 I wanted something a bit special as my unit leader and originally had settled for a Chaos Champion but realising how I needed an excuse to paint this fellow, I opted to use him as the leader. 

 Now he is in fact a Half Troll Chieftain from Asgard Miniatures but I think he suits the role of a beastlord very well. I think I'm right in saying it's an early Nick Bibby sculpt from his time at Asgard but I may be wrong. In my opinion this miniature is the jewel in the Asgard crown; a lovely sculpt for its time.

I've chucked in a Jes Goodwin sculpt to make it a full front row. 

 He was a bit worn in places (acceptable for his age) and a little miscast here and there but he'll do.

 So it's back to the Broo for the next installment and there should be some ready to post before Christmas . 

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