Wednesday, 28 December 2016

More Beastmen/Broo join the unit

 As with most of you this time of year, painting and blogging can't always be fitted in around the festive nonsense but I have managed to get another three beastmen finished over the last couple of weeks.

  The trio are a mix of pre slotta Runequest  broo and C27 beastmen.

 Known as Blob Head, this guy is one of the more bizarre beastmen. As far as I know it's a Perry Twin/Trish Morrison hybrid sculpt, with the body originally starting life as a pre slotta broo.

 Two Head has to be even more extreme. Another Perry/Trish Morrison hybrid, its body was originally another from the broo range. This is perhaps my favourite of the C27 beastmen.

 The last guy was from the Runequest blister packs; his torso and legs were originally used in The Vile Broo set.

 So that'll be the last paint jobs I produce in 2016 but I'll be continuing with this unit at the beginning of the new year. In the next couple of days I'll be taking a look back over the year at what I've managed to get done.

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