Saturday, 18 February 2017

Classic Citadel Chaos Army - Group Shot

 With the latest phase of my long running Chaos army at an end, I thought it was high time for a group shot.

 The last one was over three years ago and it's grown a bit in size since then. It's 20 years now since I first made a start on them and the early ones are some of the oldest paint jobs I have in my cabinets now. With one or two exceptions, everything prior to 1997 has been stripped and repainted.

Chaos Knights including Army General 

Chaos Warriors 

Chaos Warriors 

More Chaos Warriors

 There have been a few repaints in this army but I've kept it to a minimum and looking at it, I'd probably only opt to put two or three more through that.

Jaek and Helwud 

Chaos Beastman and Broo unit

Chaos Sorcerers with a demon and familiar

Chaos Battering Ram 

Giant Demons, Amratha Mangorer and Dematt Ghoulchewer

Flying Gargoyles of Barda 

 The Chaos Battering Ram isn't exactly usable in a game on that massive base but I thought I'd chuck it in for good measure. You can see more images of it here.

 There's still plenty to add in the future; plenty more beastmen and broo, some more gargoyles (Barda and the C48 range), one or two chaos warriors, a chariot another war engine perhaps, the odd demon etc etc....

 So now it's time for new projects for the time being. I've lots of ideas planned for the next few months but I need to decide what's coming first. Decisions, decisions....

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