Friday, 17 February 2017

Helwud & Jaek...Jaek & Helwud...The Chaos Brothers

 This will be my final Chaos army instalment for now (with the exception of an imminent group shot) and up next is more foot and mounted personalities - Jaek and Helwud. 

 I won't go into details that have probably already been said in other blogs regarding their background, save for them being foes of Kaleb Daark, Champion of Malal in the short lived GW comic.



 The mounted versions were originally painted many years ago but after working on the foot versions last week and giving them a different colour scheme, I decided to strip them so to tie them in properly. The horses merely had an armour repaint.

 I also stripped another old favourite of mine, Bone Racker (I am NOT going to make a habit of this!) and gave him a repaint.

 So next up will be an army group shot; the last one being over three years ago before moving on for now to tackle a new project - of which I haven't fully decided on yet.

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