Monday, 3 April 2017

Frostgrave Warband Update - The first two recruits

 Continuing with the Frostgrave warband, I've added the first two followers of Ivan and his apprentice Waldo - a templar and a man at arms.

 The initial plan here is to paint eight members of the warband and then one of each of the remaining characters at a later date.

The templar is a lovely sculpt by Jes Goodwin from the F2 Paladin range and the man at arms, by Aly Morrison, is part of the F2 Dogs of War series.

 I decided to try a bit of freehand of the templar's shield; this is about as technical as I get when it comes to freehand but it'll do.

 I love this fighter with all his little details. Until I bought him I had no idea there was a helmet and axe tied to his belt around the back. This is also the first plastic shield I've painted since the late 90's.

 So at the half way stage, I'm taking a short break to paint the leader of another warband (that's all I'm saying for now) as the urge is just too great. Then it'll be back to finish this lot off. There's some interesting figure selections to come yet.

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