Thursday, 27 April 2017

Possessed Warband Update - Dark Soul & Beastman

 I've struggled over the last couple of weeks to knock these two out due to suffering with proper flu and I've probably not felt this shit in 20 years. But soldiering on, I have added the first of the Magister's followers; a Dark Soul and beastman.

 I've always been a big fan of the Chaos warrior I opted for to represent the Dark Soul but I never really felt he fitted in with the rest of the guys from the same range; having the look of a chaos thug more than a warrior due the the lack of plate armour.

 The plan was to paint his tattoos in blue ink (which I actually did) but having already shaded his flesh with chestnut ink, it didn't really show that well. Never mind, he'll do.

 I really enjoyed painting several Bob Olley beastmen last year for a warband and this chap was no exception. The armour is such an innovative design and I'm planning on adding another to the group before the end.

I'm going to stick with this lot for a while and the plan is to add something large and brutish into the mix for next time.

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