Tuesday 31 December 2013

Some Miscellaneous Figs

Just a few various classics from the golden era.

Hobgoblin Champion from Regiments of Renown box set. I had to give him an axehead from a Chaos Warrior as he never had one of his own.

Dwarf Champion of the Imperial Dragon Company.

The brilliant Ranlac from the C17 skeleton range who also featured as a personality from the Terror of the Lichemaster scenario accompanied by a trooper from the Nightmare Legion.

Champion from the Knights of the Cleansing Flame regiment of renown box set.

3rd Edition Blood Bowl Human Team

 These were started in 2004, resumed in 2006 and in 2014 despite 'finished' were altered by replacing their silver helmets with red ones.

Star Players



The right hand one has had the head replacement of an Empire Halberdier

The right hand one has had a head replacement of an Empire soldier

The right hand one has had a head replacement from a spare thrower.

The gladiator from the C23 Ogres range, he doubles up nicely as a Blood Bowl player.

Monday 30 December 2013

Old Classic Chaos Army

 These are some of my all time favourite figures. Such character in all of these guys that must have been a lot of fun to create back in the day. They were painted back in 1997, 1998 and a few in 2002.

Chaos All Stars Blood Bowl Team

 I opted for a darker version of their original kit. These were painted back in 2006. I don't know why I went for hex bases; just fancied something different.
 Some of these guys were kindly donated to me by Tom Anders of the Talk Fantasy Football Forum.

The Chaos All Stars

Morg'th N'hthrog

Duke Luthor von Hawkfire & Kefft the Despised

Garak Grigolson & Constrictor Atlanson

Dirty Dan & Laxon Hrull

Jürgen Demonfeeder & Acid Scarred Max

Snake Sanders & Saark Four Eyes


Bork Bulgebelly

Friday 27 December 2013

1997 Golden Demon Bronze Award. Necromunda Cawdor Gang

 These were painted in early 1997 and were my first entry at the Golden Demon awards, later that same year. To be honest I never thought I stood much chance of success but I guess I had a bit of luck on the day. By today's standards, they aren't anything mega special. These guys are still pretty dear to me, though.


These below were the rest of the gang that didn't make it to Golden Demon. They never made it to a matt varnish either.