Thursday 27 February 2014

RR8 Golfag's Ogre Mercenaries - Champion & Trooper

 A lovely range these; a bit smaller than other Jes Goodwin Ogres but who cares? Grabbed these on a feebie years ago from Games Workshop head office long after they stopped producing them. White metal castings too which must be pretty seldom for these guys in the UK. Only two of the five painted so far. The rest to follow soon.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

C33 Adventure Pack Chaos Knights

 These guys are among my most favourite of all the Citadel legends. I spent years searching for them back in the pre ebay days. I managed to find a phone number for someone in Wiltshire who apparently had a load of old figures for trade. I managed to get them to swap these great figs for some Slann cavalry I was willing to part with. I remember they sent them to the wrong address and the house that they were posted to was at the time unoccupied so I had to find out who owned the property and get them to open up the front door. There they were amidst a pile of unopened letters that looked like they'd been there for several months.
 Anyway, it took years for me to get round to painting them conclusively after a couple of half hearted attempts. I must admit, the steeds are some of the most awkward figures to paint; trying to get a brush under the tassles was a real chore. I shall at some stage, paint the versions of these guys on foot.

These figs just oooze character. Such creativity has gone into them So unique; the likes will never be seen again.

 Chaos General

 Chaos Hero

Chaos Champion

Chaos Knight

Blood Bowl Human Star Player Griff Oberwald figure

 I've been trying to sort out a colour scheme for another human Blood Bowl team for some time now. Think this is it now after several failed attempts. Started with the Griff Oberwald figure. One of my favourite faces ever sculpted in my opinion.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team

 Not everyone's cup of tea but these guys have always been a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Only five done so far. Will be a gradual thing, I think. I plan on 16 different players so there will be a fair amount of linemen conversion.