Saturday 28 August 2021

Warhammer Empire (Tilean) Halberdiers of Trantio - second rank


 So while I've been waiting to acquire the remaining spearmen (which may take a bit of time) I've been adding to my Halberdiers of Trantio regiment that I started last year. The second rank has been completed along with an ogre to bulk out ranks two and three.

 The two right sided ones had been painted a few years back but I've spruced them up a fair bit as the reds, blues and browns were pretty dull and required a few extra highlights. 

 I decided adding a halfling on the base to give it a little more detail so I converted one from the Marauder range. He was a recent purchase and I didn't realise just how tiny they were until I had him in hand which works well in comparison with the hulking ogre - a sculpt from Knightmare Miniatures.

Ranks One  and Two complete 
 I'm close now to completing ranks three and four to square off the entire regiment so I'm sticking with them now to the end. All I need is to paint two in each of those ranks and they're fully complete so that's the plan for the next couple of weeks. 

Saturday 7 August 2021

Warhammer (Empire) Tilean Mercenary Spearmen - front rank


 Two figures in two months isn't a great turnover but the front rank of my Tilean spearmen unit is done. A combination of work getting increasingly busy, The Euros and the pub has contributed to the poor input but it looks like I'm back on track here.

 The latest additions are the sergeant from the Marauder Dwarf Regiment set and an unreleased Empire mercenary captain. I had to make a tough decision with the latter and strip the existing paint job as he was in another spearman unit but seeing as it's unlikely that I'm going to land another casting of this rare model it had to be done. Plus is saw his as an essential addition to this unit.

 I've made a start on the second rank but I'm still missing three models so it may have to be put on hold while I'm tracking them down.

 The shield is from the Citadel Goodly Knights of Law Speciality Set and ties in nicely with the eagle depicted on the regimental banner.

So the plan will be to paint the three spearmen I actually have and then while I'm tracking down the other three I don't have I'll be revisiting my Tilean halberdiers and hopefully wrap up that unit as I'm only needing another five of them to paint to reach completion!