Friday 26 April 2019

Citadel Realm of Chaos Knight #4

 With the latest installment in the unit of chaos knights, I've gone for a makeover on one I painted about five years ago. Basically it's an 80% (ish) repaint.

 I did consider stripping it and starting over but there were enough aspects that complimented the other three. I've gone for the same steed as knight three. After a little harsh criticism in the last post, I've come round to it somewhat.

 The only conversion work on this one, bar the reins is the tail. This time I've gone for the tail of a Slaanesh champion. The figure was a little worn around some of the key areas so I didn't feel any resentment to cutting it off.

 This is perhaps my favourite rider of the range and definitely the first one I ever bought; circa 1996 I'd say.

 So with one to go, I may have a blast on something else next as I am waiting for the last steed to arrive. It'll definitely be Khorne related though.

Monday 22 April 2019

Citadel Realm of Chaos Knight #3

 So the unit grows with the third instalment for my five planned chaos knights. This one took a little longer than the previous. This particular steed seems to be slightly more time consuming.

 If I'm honest, it's my least favourite steed model of the three. I feel you get less freedom with painting it. I've never really been a fan of some of its detail; the weird head dress thingy or the cloth over the face. Come to think of it, I'm not a great lover of the bone detail either. I just think with the other two steeds, that you have a little more option to paint them just how you want to, if that makes sense.

 But hey, I can't really knock it too much. It's still a quality, imposing model (which is obviously what you want from a chaos steed) plus it keeps the variation going.

 There have been a couple of tweaks on this one; I've used the tail (or two thirds of it) of the original Lord of the Rings Balrog - don't worry folks! It was a spare. Also I've fixed a bow and quiver from the Khorne juggernaut/chaos chariot accessories plus another length of chain for the reins.

 It's really satisfying to being well on the way to a full unit of these guys. I definitely have Nico and Roberth Breseus to thank for all the inspiration with their spectacular takes on this range.

 Hopefully I'll be posting again at the tail end of this week with number four. Thanks for looking!

Saturday 13 April 2019

Citadel Realm of Chaos knight #2

 So with the warband complete, I've moved onto the unit of chaos knights. Having painted one last year as a one off, it's on with number two.

 Like before, it's one of the Perry knights from 1989.
 I've used part of a banner pole from the Khorne juggernaut as some extra detailing plus the severed head from a goblin chariot yoke.

 Finally, like the previous knight, I've added a chain rein. Luckily I found a length under a pile of lead on the desk which fitted perfectly. I'm awaiting a delivery but didn't realise it was coming from overseas (China most likely, judging by the estimated arrival date) and is probably still on the Indian Ocean or somewhere at this point.

 I managed to get this one knocked out pretty quickly and am already rattling into number three. I must be getting into a rythym with the red armour. Hopefully I'll be posting him up early next week.

Thursday 4 April 2019

Khorne Warband Complete!

 It's always nice to complete a project, especially in a reasonably quick time. The last phase was wrapping up the four remaining beastmen. So here is the completed group shot.

Below is the warband in full with details and stats:

Level 15 hero

                     M WS BS S  T  W I A LD
                      4   5    4   4  3   3 5 4   9
Chaos armour, Flesh Hound (chaos hound hunting beast), GM choice - horns +1 A

Flesh Hound 

                      M WS BS S T W I A LD
                      10  5     -  5  2 6 1  3
Blood substitution (molten metal +2 T), breathes fire

Chaos Beastmen x6

                      M WS BS S T W I A LD
                       4   4    3   3 4  2 3 2  7
Horrible stench, bestial faces +1 A, enormous noise

Harpies x2

                      M WS BS S T W I A LD
                       4   4     0  4 4  2  2 1  6
No dominant attributes


                      M WS BS S T W I A LD
                       6   9    2   4 5  3  6 2  7
Agility +3 I, weapon master +6 WS, warty skin (+1 armour save)


                     M  WS BS S T W I A LD
                      6    5    0   8 7  7  5 8  9
Lion head +1 A, reptilian tail +1 A, blood rage +1 T

So that's it. No idea if or when this force will see a game but it'll be a lot of fun if it happens. I must admit, I fudged a few stupid rolls such as chaos lord for the chimera (as if he isn't extreme enough!) and teleportation for the ogre. It's extremely satisfying to get this project completed and the khorne theme doesn't stop here. Up next are some chaos knights, one I've already finished from last year so the plan is to rustle up another 4 to make a unit.