Saturday, 28 August 2021

Warhammer Empire (Tilean) Halberdiers of Trantio - second rank


 So while I've been waiting to acquire the remaining spearmen (which may take a bit of time) I've been adding to my Halberdiers of Trantio regiment that I started last year. The second rank has been completed along with an ogre to bulk out ranks two and three.

 The two right sided ones had been painted a few years back but I've spruced them up a fair bit as the reds, blues and browns were pretty dull and required a few extra highlights. 

 I decided adding a halfling on the base to give it a little more detail so I converted one from the Marauder range. He was a recent purchase and I didn't realise just how tiny they were until I had him in hand which works well in comparison with the hulking ogre - a sculpt from Knightmare Miniatures.

Ranks One  and Two complete 
 I'm close now to completing ranks three and four to square off the entire regiment so I'm sticking with them now to the end. All I need is to paint two in each of those ranks and they're fully complete so that's the plan for the next couple of weeks. 

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Warhammer (Empire) Tilean Mercenary Spearmen - front rank


 Two figures in two months isn't a great turnover but the front rank of my Tilean spearmen unit is done. A combination of work getting increasingly busy, The Euros and the pub has contributed to the poor input but it looks like I'm back on track here.

 The latest additions are the sergeant from the Marauder Dwarf Regiment set and an unreleased Empire mercenary captain. I had to make a tough decision with the latter and strip the existing paint job as he was in another spearman unit but seeing as it's unlikely that I'm going to land another casting of this rare model it had to be done. Plus is saw his as an essential addition to this unit.

 I've made a start on the second rank but I'm still missing three models so it may have to be put on hold while I'm tracking them down.

 The shield is from the Citadel Goodly Knights of Law Speciality Set and ties in nicely with the eagle depicted on the regimental banner.

So the plan will be to paint the three spearmen I actually have and then while I'm tracking down the other three I don't have I'll be revisiting my Tilean halberdiers and hopefully wrap up that unit as I'm only needing another five of them to paint to reach completion! 

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Warhammer (Empire) Tilean Mercenary Command Group


 It's been a bit slow going of late due to work being pretty full on over the last month but I've managed to get the next pair of Tilean mercenaries done to finish the command group.

 The standard bearer is a conversion of an Imperial gunner and the dwarf champion is the captain from the Marauder dwarf regiment set. The dwarf is more than a little off centre on his base but it was a case of having to so he can rank up alongside the bear. 

 For some time now I've wanted to paint a mixed mercenary regiment of dwarfs and men and seeing how a number of the Tilean cities are populated by both, it seemed appropriate. 

 The flag is nicked from a Sicilian Condottieri design by the excellent Pete's Flags and fits nicely in with the livery of the unit. 

 So there's two left of the front rank to get done, hopefully I'll have a bit more time to work on these over the next couple of weeks - if work permits. 

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Warhammer (Empire) Tilean Mercenary Captain


 So I've decided to stick with the Tilean theme and make a start on one of my mercenary regiments for my slow burning Tilean army. Up first is the unit leader with a musician with a difference.

 The mercenary captain figure is one of the excellent Greenskin Hunters from Knightmare Miniatures sculpted by Kev Adams whereas the bear is half of the Warhammer Empire Regimental Mascot model. There are some lovely details on the captain, a coil of rope wedged into a backpack and a wine bottle among them. 

 The beard is a little too close to the flesh colour and lacks a bit of contrast; I kind of wish I'd painted it grey now but never mind. 

 I shall wait until the front row is finished before I include a background story on this pair. Next up will be the unit standard bearer and champion. 

 Oh, on another note, it was a great honour for some of my work to feature in the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated, regarding an article on the history of Dixon Miniatures. 

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Citadel Empire Fighter Warband complete!


 So this week I managed to wrap up my warband of classic Citadel and Marauder empire fighters. It's nice to have finally ticked this box with it being on my to do list for many years. I think choosing the appropriate models and a livery that I was really happy with was crucial. This is why I encountered two or three failed attempts in the past. So here we have:

The Tilean Warband of Leopoldo Di Vittorio of Luccini.

Map of Luccini 

 ■ Leopoldo Di Vittorio, mercenary captain

A native of Luccini, the aristocratic Leopoldo attended the Aquila Academy of Luccini, learning the art and science of war. Seeking fame, notoriety and of course, to add to his already substantial wealth, he embarked on the career as a mercenary captain in the employ of the eccentric Lorenzo Lupo. The subsequent years have proved fruitful and devoted but there is always the temptation to change sides at the prospect of higher pay but Leopoldo remains loyal to Lupo - more out of loyalty to Luccini than that of its Prince.

■ Guido Colombano, warband champion 

With Guido, what you see is what you get. A hardy, battle scarred veteran of numerous campaigns from various Tilean conflicts. Despite their social class diversity, Guido has developed a unlikely rapport with Leopoldo. This ageing but steadfast fellow's vast experience is indispensable to the group.

■ Ermillo Moscatelli, champion 

Another alumni from the Aquila Academy of Luccini, the scholarly Ermillo was a former gunnery captain but sought for a more prosperous career as a mercenary. Despite his slender appearance, Ermillo is a wily and guile individual with an appetite for Cathayan philosophy. 

■ Berthold Steinberg, sellsword 

A Middenheimer, formally a swordsman in the army of his native land before heading south to Tilea for the sellsword life. He still carries the shield of his army days depicting the fortress city of Middenheim.

■ Skragrud, mercenary Ogre

Once a member of Golgfag's Maneaters, Skragrud was imprisoned by Lorenzo Lupo along with his ogre comrades for causing havoc in the principality. Later, with the order to be sent to the Border Princes as mercenaries in the service of an exiled imperial noble, Skragrud deserted the Maneaters, opting to remain in Tilea in the service of Leopoldo Di Vittorio.

■ Rinaldo Contarino, crossbowman

A slight and agile fellow, Rinaldo is a skilled marksman originally from Trantio in northern Tilea. A deserter of the Trantio municipal guard, Rinaldo headed south seeking adventure and the prospect of personal wealth.

■ Franco Chioza, pistolier

Formally a lowly brigand from Trantio, Franco has aspired from the gutters, finding his forte as a pistolier and becoming a reputable mercenary much valued by Leopoldo. 

■ Grenrig Gulbron, Dwarf spearman

One of Luccini's Dwarf population, Grenrig sought out the mercenary life after his regiment suffered heavy losses at the Battle of Hel Fenn. 

■ Michele Barbieri, mercenary 

Originating from rural Tilea located near to Verezzo, Michele is another member who escaped from a life of poverty. Skilled with the bow as well as his trusted axe, Michele is one of Leopoldo's longest serving and most trusted subordinates. 

■ Manno Barozzi, mercenary 

A once disgraced palace guard of Tobaro, Manno fled from likely imprisonment for adventure and the dream of untold riches. For Manno, and many others who choose this path, the reality is an early death and an unmarked grave.

 Well as I mentioned in the previous post, the door is left open to expand this warband down the line. I have at least half a dozen suitable candidates that will fit but for now I'm calling it a finished project - and I don't often get to say that!

 I'm a little unsure what the next project will be. I'm keen to add to my Tilean mercenary army although I have felt the temptation to resume my Chaos Beastmen/Broo force as well. I'm concerned about losing the Tilean vibe if I opt for that just yet so that may have to wait a little. 

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Citadel Empire Fighter Warband update - last three men finshed!

 Just a brief one here, I've managed to square off my Classic Citadel and Marauder empire fighter warband with the last three guys.

 All three are from the F2 Fighter range, from left, Imperial Pistolier, Royal Guard and Jan Oakheart. I'll be naming each member with a bit of background in the subsequent post with a finished group shot. 

 The plan was for about a dozen in total but ten is fine; I was undecided on one or two models making it in but there is definitely room for several more members down the line. I shall therefore leave it open ended and will likely add to it at some point. I'd definitely like a couple more Dwarfs in the mix for starters. 

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Citadel Empire Fighter Warband update - Marauder Ogre


 Well I wasn't expecting to land this guy anytime soon but the gods were smiling when lo and behold one appeared on Ebay for a fairly reasonable Buy It Now option so that was that. 

 It's quite staggering just how much these Marauder Ogres seem to go for these days. To be fair I never thought a lot of this figure in the past but seeing how well suited he is to my warband, he was the number one choice really - plus he's more than grown on me in recent times.

 There is plenty of nice detailing on this model; despite his grand intentions he has a slightly disheveled appearance with armour that appears to have seen a lot of action, a hat that is slightly tattered and garments that are looking a little worse for wear. The nose ring is a nice additional detail as well.

 Meantime I've managed to get a couple of the other fighters wrapped up which leaves me making a start on the final man! I should be able to post up the last trio by the weekend. Then after that I'll follow it up with a detailed post on the finished warband with individual profiles. 


Saturday, 13 March 2021

Citadel Empire Fighter Warband Update - Halfway stage


 This week I have been working on the next pair of fighters for the warband taking my tally to six and the halfway point. I'm finding quite time consuming but going the extra mile with them is more than worth it.

 The first model is from the F2 fighter range again, Rombustus Sellsword (I'll be giving him his own identity when the warband is complete), a figure I first painted way back in about 1988 (not the exact same model unfortunately). 

 The second is one of my favourite fighter models, another of the F2 range, the Gunnery Captain. He is such a totally cool figure with a wonderfully characterful face. I just love those spectacles. 

 The plan is to jump off the project for a couple of weeks to participate in a painting challenge on fb before resuming these guys. Ideally I'd love to get the ogre of the group underway but seeing as I don't yet own him or even seem to be able to source him right now, that isn't going to happen. Hope it won't be too long before I can get my hands on one. I don't want to end up having everyone finished and no ogre to round them off. This is the one I'm after, by the way:

Monday, 1 March 2021

Citadel Empire Fighter Warband Update - Crossbowman and Dwarf spearman

 In addition to the captain and champion, I have a couple of the retinue ready this week. The first of the Citadel F2 Fighter range, a mercenary crossbowman and a Marauder Dwarf from the spearman regiment.

 The dwarf is probably my favourite of the troopers in the afore mentioned Marauder regiment. My plan is to include a couple of dwarfs in the warband with the idea of having it based in Tilea, the principality of Luccini in particular, where dwarfs are known to reside. I'll be going into more detail with all that once the warband is completed.

The mercenary crossbowman is a wonderfully detailed figure albeit tiny. It's certainly smaller than the other F2 fighters in general but then it is a variant of the Talisman minstrel model which is very diddy. I'd have struggled to paint him without the new magnifying visor which is proving to be an invaluable asset. 

 I'm currently working on the next pair which will put me at the halfway stage which is pretty good progress for me. 

Sunday, 21 February 2021

The Beginning of a Citadel/Marauder Empire Fighter Warband


 With something finally painted and confidence restored, I felt it was the right time to embark on the classic Fighter warband as mentioned at the end of my previous post. So here are the first two members, the Captain and Champion. 

 Now it's been something I've intended on doing for several years and I've attempted to make a start in the past but I've never quite been satisfied with the colour schemes. The plan is to have the warband made up of Citadel fighters, mainly from the F2 range and Marauder Minuatures, although as you can see here, I've opted for the excellent Smiorgan Baldhead figure from the Eternal Champion personalities range to represent the champion. I can't think of a model more suitable for a grizzled veteran - he was always destined to be part of this project right from the off. 

 With the warband leader, I've gone for one of the Marauder MM60 Empire fighters; probably my favourite of the range. I've always liked that slightly hawty appearance he has. 

I have to say, this project carries a fair amount of inspiration from the superb Averland warband painted by Chris Sabick of Blue's Marauding Miniatures and if by some gross misfortune, you've never had the pleasure of seeing it, it's well worth a look - HERE

 So the next plan is to get another three painted and post up in a week or two. The aim will be to end with around a dozen in total with the inclusion of a Marauder Ogre - that is if I can get hold of one!

On a final note, something I have recently invested in, due to my eyes beginning to feel the strain of close up work, is a magnifying visor and I'm delighted to say that it's made a hell of a difference. 

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Warhammer Empire Hochland Captain


 I've finally gotten around to blogging my first post of 2021 which is due to not getting anything painted in about a month and a half. I had planned to work on quite a bit over Christmas but contracted Covid which laid me up until new year.

 It was pretty grim but could have been a lot worse but it did leave me feeling quite mentally ravaged more than anything and when I was functional enough to resume the hobby, I found I was totally at a loss as to what to work on. After several failed attempts at various projects plus a huge lack of confidence, I finally managed to complete something, albeit one solitary figure.

 I've gone for something familiar to get me going again - an Empire mercenary captain. I decided on the colours of Hochland, mainly because I fancied working with green which is a colour I've barely used in recent years. The model is originally the excellent standard bearer which has been slightly modified with a hand conversion. 

 He was painted as a one-off but with the option of adding a retinue if he turned out well so I've lined up several models for that. The important thing was getting something finished and have my confidence return. 

 Meantime I've managed to gather some ideas for some other projects over the coming weeks/months, in particular a classic Citadel fighter warband which has been something I've wanted to get done for years now. A combination of careful figure selection and deciding on colours for the uniform has always kept this idea stalled but I think I've finally got the green light. The way things are going I should have a couple ready for posting next week.