Saturday, 18 September 2021

Warhammer (Empire) Tilean Halberdiers of Trantio - complete!


 I am pleased to say that after about 25 years of desiring one, I have completed a substantially sized regiment of Empire (Tilean) halberdiers.

Gargano's Halberdiers of Trantio 

 I think one of my main issues was achieving one where every model is different which isn't an easy task. There are ten 4th edition trooper models (I've only used eight of them) plus heroes and then it comes down to filtering in other models such as a few that Marauder has to offer plus conversions. The addition of the ogre certainly helped to bulk it out.

 A prosperous, yet turbulent principality since Marco Colombo seized control, Trantio has become one of the most cultured and beautiful regions of Tilea. One of it's most renowned mercenary regiments are Guido Gargano's Halberdiers.

The great Guido Gargano, famed mercenary captain 

Quintilano Dell'orso, regimental champion

Antonio Petruzzelli, regimental standard bearer

 A prominent figure in Trantio, Guido is accompanied by his loyal champion, the towering Quintilano Dell'orso and Antonio Petruzzelli, proud to carry the banner of Trantio. Valzag the mercenary ogre, a distinguishing representative of the regiment, adds a fearsome presence.

 Despite his advancing years, Guido is still a steadfast and redoubtable fellow, a veteran of the mercenary armies of both the overthrown former Trantio Prince Orlando and successor Marco Colombo. Considered to be one of the more loyal Tilean mercenaries, he will generally stick to an agreement and is not the sort to change sides in the middle of a battle if an opponent offers a greater amount of cash.

 As I've mentioned before, the banner is a Habsburg renaissance one brilliantly designed by Pete's Flags. What had been bugging me, especially as the regiment grew was the lack of blue in the banner so I decided to add some myself, with a little reluctance as I'm not particularly good at freehand but it's turned out alright and I'm glad I went for it.

 The third rank is a mixture of 4th edition Empire, Citadel F2 Dogs of War, Marauder and a converted spearman.

  More of the same here too with the rear rank. What I was particularly happy about was the fact the last man I painted (second left) turned out to be one of my favourites of the regiment and didn't fall victim of being rushed which is always a tendency at the end of a long project. 

So with my other two Tilean regiments still requiring several models, I am unsure on what is next. Maybe something completely different or even this small vignette that I keep threatening to do, although I'm still not 100% decided on a theme for that yet.


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    1. Thank you very much Jaeckel! Massively appreciated!

  2. Wow. It's beautiful beyond imagination. What's not to love about this regiment? :O

  3. Wonderful regiment for the quality of the painting and for the idea of ​​using all different miniatures - an idea that we fully share and that we try to put into practice; even if it takes more time, effort and money, the result is much better! We also love that big ogre guy with the halberd from Knightmare, which goes great with the GW and Marauder miniatures (we had spotted him, and given the success in your military unit, we really think we will get one ...) .
    So long life to Guido and his halberdiers!

    1. Thank you Rodor for taking time to comment. Yes, I always prefer to see regiments where every model is different, I know that isn't always possible but personally I've always managed to with mine. As soon as I saw the Knightmare Miniatures ogre I knew he was an absolute essential for the regiment. Yeah, I strongly advise you both get hold on one. Really lovely model to paint as well. Many thanks again!

  4. I really like how you used miniatures from different ranges/time periods. Their varying sizes adds a nice dynamic.

    1. Ah thanks! I did wonder if it would work or not, whether they should all be from Warhammer 4th edition. The varying height is something I'm definitely pleased about.