Monday, 19 November 2018

Giermund's Mercenary Spearmen of Alfori

 Maybe I should rename The Work of Shaitan, Ed's Empire Blog. Sorry if you're getting a bit fed up with the lack of variety to recent posts. Normally I like to mix things up a bit but I'm riding the Empire wave and right now can't get off. It's nice to stick with something for so long and continue enjoying it as usually I'm keen to change projects all too often.

 Continuing with my Border Princes Confederacy, I've produced a small spearman unit/warband. 

  Now the leader is something rather special, an unreleased Empire mercenary captain. A bit of a white whale figure for me, long on the wish list, I was fortunate to acquire him recently. Many thanks to Steve Casey for that! He's a 1987 sculpt which I didn't realise til I had him in hand but is ahead of his time a bit, resembling the 4th edition Empire range of the early 90's. 

Giermund Brandstätter, mercenary captain and Edmund, boy soldier 

 The 4th edition Citadel Empire spearmen were a nice little range, little being the word seeing as only four were ever produced. It's a pity there weren't a few more variants. 

Stefan and Werner, mercenary spearmen of Alfori

Gregor and Benedikt complete the unit

 I'm aiming to get two or three entries into the army before the end of the year but am not decided on what exactly just yet; there's plenty to choose from.