Saturday 25 January 2014

TA 2 Dwarf Juggernaut

 I originally built this back in about 2002 but was never really satisfied with it. The base was certainly lacking something but I never really did anything about it. Recently I decided to revamp it. I started by removing it from its base and then taking it apart as it was loose in several places. Then I went about re-highlighting it and reassembling it; this time with epoxy resin insted of super glue which was never going to be strong enough. I never cared much for the original crew so I used imperial Dwarfs. Some of them survived the revamp whereas some were replaced. Then it was rebased after the original terrain was scraped off.
 I regret not taking photos of it before its makeover now.

Probably my favourite Dwarf figure of all time.

The champion on the right and one or two of the others I got for Christmas way back in 1988. I think Andy Dufresne spent less time in Shawshank than it took these guys to wait for a paint job.


Apologies for the dodgy wheel; as I believe it states in the original instructions, it suggests replacing the weak axle with brass rod. I however, did not. In fact two of the rear wheels aren't even connected to the vehicle. One front wheel has the same problem.