Saturday 30 December 2023

Dixon Miniatures American Civil War - 4th Virginia Cavalry


 I've not posted much of late but I'm still riding the Dixon Miniatures wave and have recently finished off a substantial amount of Confederates, including making a start on the 4th Virginia Cavalry. Horses are something I struggle to enjoy painting and I know I'm not alone on that one! Highly rewarding when completed but I run the risk of treading water a bit during the process. I have to say, once I got into a rhythm with them, I almost found myself having fun with them! 

 Mostly fighting with the Army of Northern Virginia, the 4th Virginia Cavalry were involved on the majority of the well known battles and campaigns. Completing its organisation in Prince William County, Virginia in September 1861, the 4th were made up of ten companies, all of which were previously independent militia.

 The unit were assigned to J.E.B. Stewart's, F. Lee's, Wickham's and Munford's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. It participated in the Battle of Williamsburg, the Seven Days Battles and the Second Bull Run and Maryland campaigns. 

 Later, the unit was involved in the conflicts at Fredericksburg, Kelly's Ford, Chancellorsville, Brandy Station, Upperville, Gettysburg, Bristoe, Mine Run, The Wilderness, Todd's Tavern, Spotsylvania, Wilson's Wharf, Haw's Shop, and Bethesda Church. The 4th went on to fight in the Shenandoah Valley with Jubal Early and around Appomattox.

 The flag resides in the American Civil War Museum, formerly the Museum of the Confederacy, in Richmond, VA. 

 I've also completed a Confederate artillery limber and caisson from Water's Alabama battery plus another cannon base.

 I'm currently torn between carrying on with more Dixon ACW miniatures or putting them aside for now and opting for pastures new.

 I'm still feeling a hunger for the Dixon fellas, it just depends which of them exactly I take on next. I've got a few ideas for projects in the coming weeks, I'm just not sure if I'm ready to kick off any of them right now.