Thursday 19 March 2015

Empire Marienburg Halberdier Update - Hero & Drummer

 Got him at last! After hacking mine up for an unsuccessful conversion years ago, I have managed to get my hand on this brilliant Empire Hero fig. No sooner had he arrived in the post; he was spray primered and ready for painting. Arguably my favourite Empire fig (along with the standard bear in this same unit), he is your archetypal battle hardened veteran; an old campaigner.
 Accompanying him into my Marienburg halberdier unit is an Empire Drummer; another beautiful Perry sculpt.

Marienburg Hero

 Empire Drummer

Marienburg Halberdier Command

The Halberdier Unit so far

Thursday 5 March 2015

Empire Marienburg Halberdier Update

 A quick post for now; here is another Halberdier (third from left) to add to my slowly increasing Marienburg unit. Still requiring a few more purchases to target a unit of 15.

I still haven't sorted out a banner for the standard bearer yet but I have pencilled in a few ideas.