Saturday 29 December 2018

2018 Review time!

 Season's greetings and all that! As another year draws to a close and this blog reaches half a decade, it's time for the annual review.

 The yearly total of posts for 2018 is somewhat lower than other years. I've tended to post more finished units this time than units or warbands in progress.
 The year began with the continuation of the Old World Army Challenge which had commenced at the tail end of 2017; a Border Princes Confederacy.

 After a good start, I began to slow up due to work commitments and had to come to terms with the fact I wasn't going to be able to complete the challenge. I'd managed to add a great cannon, a helblaster volley gun and a unit of halberdiers but work was getting increasingly full on and I had to call that it.

 With less time available, I decided to work on smaller projects. A Realm of Chaos mounted knight and a couple of figures to complete my Tzeentch warband.

 Getting back into the Empire scene, I commissioned the talented Alessio Cisbani to sculpt me an Empire hero based on a piece of John Blanche artwork. Alessio did a fine job; a really enjoyable figure to paint too.

 After making a start on a warband which included another copy of Alessio's model I was then preoccupied for some considerable time (about 2 and a half months) with the largest project of this year, the Forgeworld Landship. More details for that can be found HERE.

 With the year nearing the end, I continued with the Border Princes, add a mercenary spearman warband including an unreleased Empire captain and finally the army's commander, Marshal of the Border Princes Confederacy.

 I've one or two plans for the army for 2019 but after a year that has been dominated by Empire, it may be time to focus on other projects. It's probably the only year where I've not painted anything 40k so there's food for thought.

 I've no plans for a large scale project for next year yet. Some kind of vignette or diorama would be nice but nothing's sprung to mind so far. High praise to all the inspirational work I've seen out there this year, some breath taking pieces as always - and hope to see a lot more for 2019.

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Warhammer Empire Border Princes Confederacy Army Commander- High Prince Bela of Styrtia

 Continuing with yet another Border Princes post, this latest offering is a tweaking of the classic Emperor Karl Franz figure - transforming him into High Prince Bela of Styrtia.

High Prince Bela 
"You have a woman's name m'lord!" Any Hungarian would probably beg to differ though 

 The plan is to include three or four of the Border Prince characters into the army with of one them as supreme commander - preferably the most flamboyant one. The Karl Franz figure seemed the most suitable option; getting rid of the hammer of course.

 I decided to give his steed a bit of enhancement as well, using several mould presses as armour details. A bit of a fiddly job was that. The head is of a chaos steed but I've given it a plume from what I believe to be a Blood Dragon horse.

 Overall he was a tricky character to paint; some bitchingly difficult eyes to finish off with as well. With a lot of varying detail, it was crucial to make sure the colour choices were coherent enough. That flowing elaborate sash prevents him from ranking up in a unit with other knights, which is a bit of a pisser.

High Prince Bela accompanied by fellow Border Princes, Duke Beaucamp (left) and Lord Durant.

 I'll try to bash out one more post before the traditional end of year review. Most likely it'll be the start of another unit, possibly cavalry.

Monday 19 November 2018

Giermund's Mercenary Spearmen of Alfori

 Maybe I should rename The Work of Shaitan, Ed's Empire Blog. Sorry if you're getting a bit fed up with the lack of variety to recent posts. Normally I like to mix things up a bit but I'm riding the Empire wave and right now can't get off. It's nice to stick with something for so long and continue enjoying it as usually I'm keen to change projects all too often.

 Continuing with my Border Princes Confederacy, I've produced a small spearman unit/warband. 

  Now the leader is something rather special, an unreleased Empire mercenary captain. A bit of a white whale figure for me, long on the wish list, I was fortunate to acquire him recently. Many thanks to Steve Casey for that! He's a 1987 sculpt which I didn't realise til I had him in hand but is ahead of his time a bit, resembling the 4th edition Empire range of the early 90's. 

Giermund Brandstätter, mercenary captain and Edmund, boy soldier 

 The 4th edition Citadel Empire spearmen were a nice little range, little being the word seeing as only four were ever produced. It's a pity there weren't a few more variants. 

Stefan and Werner, mercenary spearmen of Alfori

Gregor and Benedikt complete the unit

 I'm aiming to get two or three entries into the army before the end of the year but am not decided on what exactly just yet; there's plenty to choose from. 


Wednesday 10 October 2018

Warhammer Empire Border Princes Landship - The Mermaid of Sartosa

 If six months ago someone had said me I'd own and paint a Forgeworld Marienburg Landship by October, I'd not have taken them too seriously. This is the main reason my blog has been quiet of late.

The Mermaid of Sartosa

 Back in June I woke up one Saturday after a night down the pub and still slightly drunk I decided on an impulse buy. One landship bought. It arrived fully built which wasn't the smartest idea as it's impossible to paint unless it is in several sections. I then had to stick it in the freezer so I could get the glue brittle and break it up. That worked but not without damaging several pieces so it wasn't off to the best of starts. Furthermore, the other half spotted it on the desk and asked how much it had cost. When I lied and said it was £50, she baulked.

 The first plan was to ditch the crew (which I'm not a fan of by any means) and replace them with some nice 4th edition Perry sculpts.
 I won't lie, this model was an absolute bitch to build/paint at times, especially the rear wheels.

 So four months later (or thereabouts) It's all done - another one off the bucket list.
 Rather than a Marienburg vessel, I've painted it as part of my Border Princes force in particular from the principality of Khypris.

 I'm not sure what's up next. At least I've managed to get my annual large project in which I've been able to achieve for three years running now. It's a lot a weight off the shoulders to see it finished and free me up for smaller more manageable projects to keep the blog ticking along a little more consistently.

Friday 27 July 2018

Border Princes Warband -

 It's been a a hectic couple of months with work. The busiest I've ever been, in fact. With barely a day off I've found time to paint a bit on the scarce side. Plenty of plans but just trying to find time to get on with it and then having the brain cells left of an evening to actually blog it. Anyway, I've finally managed to finish one post off while I have a minute.

 On with my warband merry go round, with Chaos handing the baton back to Empire (Border Princes to be exact). This has been one I've had in planning for some time, an Empire warband with a unique colour scheme.

 Up first is the leader and champion. I've gone for my commissioned Empire hero again for the champion (nice to slap some paint on another of those!) and for the leader I've opted for the wonderful steam tank commander. Until I purchased him recently, minus the tank, and had him in hand, I never realised how much of a superb characterful sculpt he is and of course makes a fine warband leader.

Warband Captain

 Hailing from the principality of Khypris, I've created my own colour scheme like I have done with my Border Princes army so far. I'll be aiming for an 8 man warband with a firearm theme throughout.

Warband Champion

 I'm unsure whether the next post will be a continuation of this lot or back to chaos warbands. Plus there is something on the horizon. Something large which I think I purchased while still under the influence of alcohol early one Saturday morning about a month ago, something I've wanted for a while now. This will take a bit of time, I will admit but it's underway at least.

Saturday 19 May 2018

My Own Personal Empire Hero!

 This latest post is something rather special. While I was compiling my Borders Princes army a few months ago and studying the 4th edition Warhammer Empire army book, I was reminded how good the John Blanche illustrations were, my particular favourite being one of an Empire hero. I thought how great it would be to create a conversion based on the drawing. Quite a tall order I thought, as he was pretty unique and couldn't find a figure that resembled him that closely.
 Then I thought how about commissioning somebody to create one for me! Another tall order really, I thought.
 Then after being pointed in the right direction, I got my wish. And here it is.

 Sculpted by the immensely talented Alessio Cisbani of Wolfbane Art, this has come out as true to the original drawing as you could possibly get. Additional credit to Chris Nichols for the excellent job of casting him.

The original green

And the original artwork

 For obvious reasons it's been sculpted for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

 I must say I'm more than delighted with the result and it's exceeded my expectations. The detail on this figure is gorgeous, particularly the intricate lion carvings on the sword. If you are looking at going down the commissioned work route, I thoroughly recommend Alessio.

 Obviously this particular paint job is a display piece only but having cast a number of copies I'll be definitely using others for warbands and in time having one in the army.

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Tzeentch Warband Completed - Two years late!

 Some of you may remember a couple of years back I embarked on a collaboration with Rochie Rochfort, each painting a chaos warband. Rochie opted for the path of Nurgle and for me it was Tzeentch.
 We both gave it a good going but never quite finished them off and put it on hold to pursue other projects.
 So this last week or so I've made the effort to draw a line under it. I still had a pair of minotaurs and a chaos goblin to sort out to get it done.

The warband of Dieter Heldengast

Heldengast himself! 

 The minotaurs are Bob Naismith sculpts from the Citadel C25 range. Clubhorn Runemaster on the left and Slaggut Offaltongue on the right.

 The goblin was a fun miniature to paint from the Citadel C27 Chaos Goblin Mutant range.

Then we've got the old guard; the Bob Olley beastmen, one riding the Cold One I rolled from the 'Other Table'.

 It's always nice to wrap a half finished project that's been left in limbo. Next up (probably) is another chaos warband. I'm aiming to complete Khorne, Slaanesh and Nurgle ones over the coming months. Hopefully there won't be another two years before they're finished.