Saturday 29 November 2014

First Beastman painted in 18 years

 I thought it was high time I added some Beastmen to the army with all the warriors that are crammed in. As the title says it's been many years since I've painted any. I stripped a few recently from their mid 90's paint jobs plus there's a few I still need to acquire to complete the unit. Anyway, here is the first.

This brilliant Jes Goodwin sculpt is probably my favourite of all the Realm of Chaos Beastmen range.

Sunday 23 November 2014

Citadel Chaos Army Update - Warriors

 It's been a progressive week for adding to my Chaos horde. First on the list are 5 Chaos Warriors. These are the first warriors I have painted for over 10 years. I have added an element of green to these guys; something I had planned to do with my older paint jobs in the army. They should break up the mass block of brass when they join the ranks.

Arack, Ivan Edaik, Kinky Chaosette, Sir Gigal de Appliance, Vostnar Axelord

Chaos Champion, Kinky Chaosette. A classic limited edition from the golden age. 

Monday 10 November 2014

Chaos Sorcerer Slargash the Defiler & Chaos Demon

 I thought it was high time I resumed my Chaos army; apart from some Chaos Knights earlier in the year, it has been over 10 years since any of them have seen any paint.

 Here is Slargash the Defiler; one of my all time favourites of the Chaos Sorcerers. His colour scheme is that of the character from Heroes for Dungeonquest which this figure was used for. Not very original I know but I always loved the colours they originally used for him.

Slargash seen summoning a Chaos Demon

 This Chaos Demon is a fantastic figure from the C22 Creatures range.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Marienburg Warband Update

Next up in my slowly progressing Marienburger warband is sellsword Ludvig Kögel. I used a Talisman Swordsman for this character and, like the leader; another Aly Morrison figure. My aim is to have the entire warband made up of Aly Morrison sculpts; whether they be Citadel Fighter selections or from the Marauder range.

 Ludvig Kögel, Marienburg Swordsman

 Ludvig alongside his warband Captain, Dieter von Drackenburg

Confrontation Helmawr Leader

 I acquired this limited release gem recently and he's rapidly becoming one of my favourite figures of all time. Unfortunately his power axe was a bit miscast so I had to do a bit of work on it.
I am planning a Helmawr gang among many other projects so look out for more gangers making an appearance over the next few weeks.

See how the lower half of his power axe has been miscast.

I managed to do a repair job using milliput.