Sunday 29 December 2019

2019 - Review Time!

 Well call it a six month review - or there abouts. It started with great momentum and at one stage was looking like it would be a personal record breaking year for painting input but less than halfway through the year it all dried up.

 A combination of things such as work related exhaustion and some personal issues at home were mainly to blame which thankfully has been resolved and capped off with a move to a lovely house.

 Anyway, I won't bore you with all that. Going back to January, the first project I embarked on was an Oriental Heroes warband consisting of some classics from that range including a Wu Jen and a samurai riding temple dog.

 It was highly fulfilling to finally get the temple dog model done after it had been unpainted in my pile for many years.

 I have to say the Wu Jen was my personal favourite though; a figure I'd been tracking down for a fair old while. Had a lot of fun painting him up.

 For the following three months I worked on, initially a Realm of Chaos Khorne warband and then, sticking with the theme I worked on a unit of chaos knights.

 The warband leader was a conversion job, using two different Jes Goodwin champions accompanied by an unreleased chaos hound. I'd have to say he's probably the highlight of my painting year.

 The knights were a lengthy time consuming process, each one having a little bit of customisation here and there. I've always found painting horses/mounts a bit overwhelming and these giant brutes were no exception.

 It's always been an ambition to have a unit of classic realm of chaos knights painted up. There were so many scheduled models to add to this growing Khorne force and then it all just fell away.

 I would barely look at another model for about another four months. The resurgence came from an unlikely source - the American civil war range from Dixon Miniatures.

I've had no end of fun painting these characterful little guys and have been impressed how many variations there are in the range. I've enough to field a small force of Union and Confederates with every man being different.

 I was aiming to post another unit of Confederates before the year was out but I'm five short of completion.

 So despite five months of painting zilch, I did manage to get quite a bit done over 2019. It was a little disappointing not to manage a diorama or large scale model this year which I have managed to do so for about the last five years running. Hopefully 2020 will see the return of that. The early part of the coming year will most likely consist of more American civil war but I do hope that I can feel the desire to return to painting classic Citadel figures again before too long.