Friday 31 December 2021

2021 - Review Time!


 In time honoured tradition, as another year comes to a close, up next is the annual review.

 I remember a year ago struggling to even post the 2020 review as I was suffering from Covid and could barely compile two sentences. My first painted model wasn't painted or posted until mid February due to January being a write off. Actually I had no idea it was so long until just now when I looked back on this years' posts. Anyway, up first was something to get me back at the desk, a converted Empire captain. 

 Then, we had a complete game changer - the purchase of a magnifying visor. 

 I'd been struggling for a while with fine detail, eyes in particular so decided to give the visor a go - the difference was unbelievable. The first project with the visor was a classic Citadel fighter warband which proved to be one of my most satisfying endeavors I've ever undertaken.

 With a return to form and the wind in my sails, I made a start on a Tilean mercenary spearmen unit, managing to get the front row complete but having to put it on hold while attempting to source more spearmen for the rest of the regiment. 

 After that it was more of the same really, managing to complete a regiment of Tilean halberdiers that I'd started the year before. I'd wanted a fully painted halberdier regiment for so long so that was extremely satisfying to finally tick that box.

 Taking a short break from Citadel, I returned briefly to my Dixon Miniatures American Civil War Confederate army with a command base of General George Pickett.

 I revisited a diorama I'd painted back in 2017, which A, had been damaged and B, just simply lacked significant highlighting so spent a couple of weeks repairing it, revamping the base and generally brightening the whole thing up.

 While waiting to decide on another large project, I made a start on a small adventuring party...

...but so far have only got as far as the first miniature due to having been overcome with the urge to strip and totally repaint one of my most treasured miniatures which annoyingly I've nearly finished but just ran out of time to complete before the end of the year. So it'll have to wait until next week when I can finally blog it.

 So all in all, this year has been probably my most satisfying of all when it comes to the standard of my efforts. I'm hoping for more of the same in 2022 and after the way this current repaint is going, I'm tempted to follow suit with one or two other past projects that just haven't stood the test of time with, in regard to my standards.