Sunday 30 April 2023

Collaboration Project - Citadel/Warhammer/AD&D Adventuring party complete!

 Well I was intending to post each time a party member was finished but I just didn't get around to it. So here is the adventuring party in its entirety. 

In the style of the excellent and wonderfully informative Otherworld AD&D site, I'll describe each member of the party in detail. 

■ The party leader is the female magic user from the AD&D range (high level). She wears a leather headband and is adorned in various jewellery. She is clad in a fur lined cloak and lace trimmed long tunic. She carries a bronze staff and short sword plus an array of scrolls.

■ The fighter model is Gladius from the Heroic Fighters of the Known World set. He wears a large plumed Greek style helm and dressed in a mixture of fur, leather armour and chainmail. He carries a broadsword and an ornate bronze shield plus a large comb to keep his impressive plume looking pristine.

■ The Complete Adventurer fom the classic Citadel limited edition range. So he is carrying.....(here we go)
Lantern, torch, camera (!), satchel, staff, sword, short sword, bucket, bow and arrows, tomes x2, dagger, axe, scrolls, frying pan, wooden spoon, coil of rope, dinner plate, ball and chain, mug, teapot, one or two unidentifiable objects....oh and the proverbial....

Dwarf hero. Another classic from the AD&D character range (high level). He is wearing a horned bronze helm with brass trimming and armed with a rune carved axe, a bronze shield and short sword. He also carries a crossbow and pouch of bolts. He is clad in ornate leather armour trimmed with bronze.

■ Elven ranger. Dressed in a fine cloth tunic with studded sleeves and striped three quarter length pants, he is armed with a broadsword and bow. His quiver of arrows is fitted with an elegant strap featuring an ornate brooch-like clasp.

■ Ogre mercenary. I went for a slightly understated model as I thought one of the more individual looking Jes Goodwin ogres would dominate the group too much so opted for the trooper in the Golfag's ogre mercenaries set from the Regiments of Renown range. Dressed in furs, chainmail and leather, this brutish looking fellow is armed with a large spiked mace, a plain weathered bronze shield and a bone handled cleaver.

 So the project is at and end....or is it? The plan was to also include a warband of villains. For that I have selected (most likely), a chaos sorcerer, an evil fighter, a gnoll, an orc, a goblin and a skeleton. The sorcerer is underway and should have him wrapped up this coming week.