Saturday 29 December 2018

2018 Review time!

 Season's greetings and all that! As another year draws to a close and this blog reaches half a decade, it's time for the annual review.

 The yearly total of posts for 2018 is somewhat lower than other years. I've tended to post more finished units this time than units or warbands in progress.
 The year began with the continuation of the Old World Army Challenge which had commenced at the tail end of 2017; a Border Princes Confederacy.

 After a good start, I began to slow up due to work commitments and had to come to terms with the fact I wasn't going to be able to complete the challenge. I'd managed to add a great cannon, a helblaster volley gun and a unit of halberdiers but work was getting increasingly full on and I had to call that it.

 With less time available, I decided to work on smaller projects. A Realm of Chaos mounted knight and a couple of figures to complete my Tzeentch warband.

 Getting back into the Empire scene, I commissioned the talented Alessio Cisbani to sculpt me an Empire hero based on a piece of John Blanche artwork. Alessio did a fine job; a really enjoyable figure to paint too.

 After making a start on a warband which included another copy of Alessio's model I was then preoccupied for some considerable time (about 2 and a half months) with the largest project of this year, the Forgeworld Landship. More details for that can be found HERE.

 With the year nearing the end, I continued with the Border Princes, add a mercenary spearman warband including an unreleased Empire captain and finally the army's commander, Marshal of the Border Princes Confederacy.

 I've one or two plans for the army for 2019 but after a year that has been dominated by Empire, it may be time to focus on other projects. It's probably the only year where I've not painted anything 40k so there's food for thought.

 I've no plans for a large scale project for next year yet. Some kind of vignette or diorama would be nice but nothing's sprung to mind so far. High praise to all the inspirational work I've seen out there this year, some breath taking pieces as always - and hope to see a lot more for 2019.

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Warhammer Empire Border Princes Confederacy Army Commander- High Prince Bela of Styrtia

 Continuing with yet another Border Princes post, this latest offering is a tweaking of the classic Emperor Karl Franz figure - transforming him into High Prince Bela of Styrtia.

High Prince Bela 
"You have a woman's name m'lord!" Any Hungarian would probably beg to differ though 

 The plan is to include three or four of the Border Prince characters into the army with of one them as supreme commander - preferably the most flamboyant one. The Karl Franz figure seemed the most suitable option; getting rid of the hammer of course.

 I decided to give his steed a bit of enhancement as well, using several mould presses as armour details. A bit of a fiddly job was that. The head is of a chaos steed but I've given it a plume from what I believe to be a Blood Dragon horse.

 Overall he was a tricky character to paint; some bitchingly difficult eyes to finish off with as well. With a lot of varying detail, it was crucial to make sure the colour choices were coherent enough. That flowing elaborate sash prevents him from ranking up in a unit with other knights, which is a bit of a pisser.

High Prince Bela accompanied by fellow Border Princes, Duke Beaucamp (left) and Lord Durant.

 I'll try to bash out one more post before the traditional end of year review. Most likely it'll be the start of another unit, possibly cavalry.