Wednesday 30 March 2016

Rogue Trader Space Marine Lizard Riders Unit

 With a combination of being manic at work and slaving over this project, the blog has been a little dormant over the last month or so but here is the final unit that makes up my Star Reavers chapter; riding lizards.

 Made up of the limited edition space marine riding lizard figure, this is a unit that I have been aiming to get done for some time now. Part of the problem was not owning enough lizards for a unit of five; up until the end of last year I owned only two. Then, not long before Christmas I was extremely fortunate to win no less than FOUR riding lizards on ebay for £10.50 also with free postage. The bargains can still be found out there; living proof.

 Although initially designed for the plastic marines from the RTB1 set, I planned to use metal riders for the lizards just as I'd done with the first one I painted a couple of years ago.  Bike riders fit nicely but I was running out of options here having used most of them up on bikes already.
 So I set about using other marines that would fit onto saddles.

Unit leader - I had originally planned to remove one of the sergeant's power fists but a wise man (Rochie over at Buried Under Lead) convinced me he would look great left as is so I took his sagely advice. His mount is roughly based on an Agama lizard; I wanted something a little more colourful for the leader.

Standard Bearer - He underwent a bit of converting here and his left hand was replaced by a Blood Bowl Human lineman whilst his standard was made from brass rod and the banner of a Marine Chaplain; this part was a real bastard as I had to drill the existing banner pole out to accommodate the rod. One of those fine line between success and completely ballsing it up moments.

This guy was a lot simple. Originally a medic bike/jet cycle rider, he merely needes his medic symbols removed.

Originally painted a couple of years ago, he's a sidecar rider/tank crewman.

Lastly, this guy; another former medic. Just a case of file the medic sigils off again, cut the tag off and pin him on.

 So that's it; all units completed. All that remains is a medic, a techmarine and a librarian in terminator armour and I can draw a line under the Star Reavers chapter and tick off one of my goals for 2016 thus drawing my attention to some other important projects and works in progress.