Wednesday 10 October 2018

Warhammer Empire Border Princes Landship - The Mermaid of Sartosa

 If six months ago someone had said me I'd own and paint a Forgeworld Marienburg Landship by October, I'd not have taken them too seriously. This is the main reason my blog has been quiet of late.

The Mermaid of Sartosa

 Back in June I woke up one Saturday after a night down the pub and still slightly drunk I decided on an impulse buy. One landship bought. It arrived fully built which wasn't the smartest idea as it's impossible to paint unless it is in several sections. I then had to stick it in the freezer so I could get the glue brittle and break it up. That worked but not without damaging several pieces so it wasn't off to the best of starts. Furthermore, the other half spotted it on the desk and asked how much it had cost. When I lied and said it was £50, she baulked.

 The first plan was to ditch the crew (which I'm not a fan of by any means) and replace them with some nice 4th edition Perry sculpts.
 I won't lie, this model was an absolute bitch to build/paint at times, especially the rear wheels.

 So four months later (or thereabouts) It's all done - another one off the bucket list.
 Rather than a Marienburg vessel, I've painted it as part of my Border Princes force in particular from the principality of Khypris.

 I'm not sure what's up next. At least I've managed to get my annual large project in which I've been able to achieve for three years running now. It's a lot a weight off the shoulders to see it finished and free me up for smaller more manageable projects to keep the blog ticking along a little more consistently.