Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Warhammer (Empire) Tilean Mercenary Captain


 So I've decided to stick with the Tilean theme and make a start on one of my mercenary regiments for my slow burning Tilean army. Up first is the unit leader with a musician with a difference.

 The mercenary captain figure is one of the excellent Greenskin Hunters from Knightmare Miniatures sculpted by Kev Adams whereas the bear is half of the Warhammer Empire Regimental Mascot model. There are some lovely details on the captain, a coil of rope wedged into a backpack and a wine bottle among them. 

 The beard is a little too close to the flesh colour and lacks a bit of contrast; I kind of wish I'd painted it grey now but never mind. 

 I shall wait until the front row is finished before I include a background story on this pair. Next up will be the unit standard bearer and champion. 

 Oh, on another note, it was a great honour for some of my work to feature in the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated, regarding an article on the history of Dixon Miniatures. 


  1. That's an impressive work! I love them. I believe you shouldn't care about the beard, it looks pretty natural, so I think it's great, just like the rest of the mini!

    1. Cheers Suber! Once I had painted areas around it, such as the armour, the beard didn't seem so much as a problem.

  2. Very nice - I've always liked the idea of that bear mascot! I think the beard is fine too - links the captain in with his furry friend!

    Congratulations on the magazine feature too - well deserved!

    1. Cheers mate! I was never too keen on the original bear handler, thought it was a bit of a dull fig. He's ideal for accompanying a grizzled mercenary instead! I had already stripped the model once because I was unhappy with the beard and couldn't bring myself to do so again despite wishing I'd gone for grey but with everything else painted around it, I felt it was less of an issue.

      Thanks! Very flattered to have my name in lights.