Wednesday 30 December 2015

2015 - Review Time!

 Well everyone else is doing it so I thought I'd better post up a review of the year. Wasn't going to bother with one at first;  I wondered if people would really be that fussed at seeing just a load of repeats but annual reviews are now seemingly commonplace so here it is.

Overall I think that this year may well be my most accomplished yet. For a number of years I had planned to produce a 40k vignette which involved some kind of aerial theme and in 2015 I managed that one.

I was able to get the majority of the Star Reavers space marine chapter out of the way with just a small handful of figs remaining to complete it.

The beginning of an Empire Marienburg force including Emperor Karl Franz. I think, like the marines, it'll be pretty easy to come and go with these when I feel like it (some more this coming year with a bit of luck).

I finally managed to get my hands on some of the limited and unreleased Confrontation Bratts and made a start on a gang. Think they'll take some time to complete due the difficulty of their availability.

I managed to make a start on a Khorne warband but will wait until next year to finish that

There were also a few miscellaneous projects such as finishing off an Orc Blood Bowl team for Orctober, a Tilean Mercenary on Culcan (another idea I'd originally devised a few years ago) and even some highly converted Elf hussars from Flintloque.

But I think what has pleased me most in 2015 has been finally getting my 15 year planned diorama underway. I've been hard at it for the past couple of months so recent posts have been a bit seldom. I still aim to finish it sometime during February.

So plans for 2016.....well complete said diorama; that is the primary goal, round off the marines, knock out a couple of warbands and finally paint a Rogue Trader with a retinue  (something I keep putting off because I need to decided of figure selection) or Space Pirate gang.
There is also plans on another diorama/vignette project which has been in pre development for many years. A Knight on Pegasus versus Balrog but we'll see.....

So this time next year we'll look back and see if my intentions were all good. Happy New Year to you all and I hope all your forthcoming projects for 2016 prove fruitful. I expect to see some pretty impressive work from the Oldhammer community.

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