Friday 12 February 2016

Mordheim Tilean Warband Update

 Next up is some more additions to my Tilean Warband whose beginnings featured in my last post. I've delved into the Eternal Champion box set once again, this time using Elric's companion Moonglum as a Tilean youngblood. Up until now I'd been finding it a little difficult to find suitable figures to represent a youngblood; there aren't a great deal of options out there in the old citadel range - as far as I know.

 I've also gone for a crossbowman from the citadel big fighters range for my other warband member. I'd say this fellow is one of my favourites of all the fighter ranges.

Tristano Tomasso, a wily youngster who fled his family in Verezzo keen to serve under the command of the revered and charismatic Captain Di Vittorio.

Massimiliano Gorga, a stout marksman for hire hailing from the Tilean city of Remas.

 I do like the way that each figure differs greatly from the next; something that seems to work well with mercenaries. I'm in the middle of painting man six at present; seven and eight are not too far behind so within the next week or two I'll most likely be posting them up as a trio.

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