Thursday, 27 October 2016

2016 Orctober Submission - Orc Hero on War Wyvern

 This years' Orctober hasn't really disrupted my plans; I've been painting a fair few of them anyhow. Coincidentally I had planned to tackle the Orc War Wyvern piece this month as it was. And here it is.

 I'd like to say that it was a highly enjoyable endeavour high gave me hours of enjoyment seeing it progress into a finished article but frankly I'd be lying.
 It was a massive ball ache from the off. Whatever could have gone wrong did go wrong. The biggest problem was the colour. Originally it was to be a kind of turquoise but at highlighting stage I realised it was beginning to look a tad shoddy and I had to make a big decision on colour change and there was the problem of whether it needed stripping again. Not only that, it would require being re-pinned and filled (there is a fair amount of all that kind of shit when prepping this model) plus redoing the base. So I took a punt on just painting over it. If it were just your regular 28mm figure it would have been straight in the Dettol without a second thought.

 Anyway, it turned out okay in the end and at least I've got a centrepiece for my progressing Orc army now. Photographing it was a bitch as well so apologies if they're not great pics. Plus I can kind of tick the 'I've painted a dragon' box as well.

 This seems to be a good point to bring the Orc project to a break for now (it's planned as a slow burner anyway) and I can now push on with the Helmawr gang.

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