Thursday, 24 December 2020

Dixon Miniatures American Civil War - Confederate Army group shot


 After getting to a substantial stage with my Dixon Confederate army, I thought it was high time to post up a group shot so here it is so far.


  To be honest, I had never planned for anything this size. Initially I bought about 10 figures on a whim just to have a mess around with. Little did I know I'd end up becoming obsessed with this somewhat quirky range of miniatures. Despite not being to everyone's taste, they are brimming with character and authenticity. I just love the little guys!

General Robert E. Lee

I had to carry out about half a dozen head swaps to avoid duplication thus making every man in the army different. There are another six infantry units still to come and at least one more artillery base and a limber team but it's cavalry that I certainly need to build on next.

General James Longstreet 

General John Bell Hood 

2nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
8th Virginia Infantry 

3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment

28th North Carolina Infantry

JEB Stuart's Cavalry 

10 Pound Parrot Rifle & Napoleon Gun

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  1. So glad to hear you have more infantry - and cavalry and artillery to come 'cuz I was thinking that 'army' looked a lot like a 'brigade'! I am in 15 mm but if I'd moved to 25/28 mm I would have loved to use Dixon figures. Always thought they looked great - and your paint jobs are quite nice. Might still have Grant with his cigar around here somewhere, I think I found him in a very large bag of unpainted figures I bought at a swap meet.