Monday 13 May 2024

Citadel Undead Diorama Remake - Phase Four


 This phase took an absolute age to complete, mainly due to a massive work schedule. Anyway, it's done now. This phase features the diorama's prime antagonist, The Liche King.

 A classic undead cavalry model, he is the ideal general for any undead army. The only downside with him is he doesn't seem to fit any steed properly, which huge gaps either side so I had to sculpt a cloak extension to deal with this issue.

 As before, he is accompanied by a small retinue made up of one of each of the Nightmare Legion troopers and a skeleton horseman (from the Lord of the Rings Dead Men of Dunharrow set).

 As a feature on the base, I added a small puddle made from Vallejo Still Water liquid resin. This took about six days to create, as I needed three layers of the stuff as it takes a couple of days for each layer to set, plus it tends to shrink back a fair bit each time. 

 The next phase will be a fairly significant background section which will involve giving the diorama some much needed height that features the shrine atop a small hill and the remaining adventurers.


  1. I'm totally speechless, this part is utterly impressive. The Liche King looks terrific, and the whole composition is great. I love your work on this project

  2. Bloody wonderful miniatures from the golden age of Citadel. Well done with the painting too.