Wednesday 30 November 2016

Chaos is Back!

 For me that is. An army I started way back in 1997  has been pretty dormant for some time, with the exception of the odd addition here and there.
 I've had a fair amount of stuff lying in a box waiting for me to embark on a significant return to the project but until now I haven't had the full enthusiasm for it.

L to R: Vile The Twisted, Mighty Zog Arkwright and Gladstone The Large

 So first up is something straight forward to ease back in; three Chaos Warriors. The guy in the middle was from the initial phase of the army and has been stripped. Now this isn't something I'm going to make a habit of; I just felt seeing as he's perhaps my favourite Chaos Warrior, he deserves a better paint job.

 So expect to see plenty more chaos posts in the coming weeks, in particular something that has been distinctly lacking in the army so far. I wonder if you can guess what that is?

 Incidentally, this blog had its third anniversary this week (yesterday in fact) so I'd like to say a huge thank you to all you people who have followed and commented over the past three years. It certainly provides me with the motivation to keep posting new material so I'm massively grateful for that!

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