Monday 5 December 2016

Chaos Beastmen/Broo Unit Underway!

 Fancy a Broo? Well how about 3? Actually you could say one is a pre slotta beastman if we're splitting hairs.

 These old pre slotta beastmen and broo have been overlooked by myself in the past, I'm ashamed to say. Before, if I were to think beastmen it would be Jes Goodwin's Realm of Chaos era but I nowadays I feel there's just a bit too much order to them, too symmetrical - if you know what I mean.

 Over the last year I've started to slowly build up a collection of the pre slotta beastmen and I've paid a lot of attention to Bryan Ansell's beastmen from his classic chaos horde as seen on page 75 of Warhammer Armies.

 The plan, in time, is to produce a couple of 20 man units. One will be led by a chaos champion and one by something quite different, which you will be able to see in my next post.

 On the left is the Bird Woman from the C38 beastmen range and two broo from the Vile Broo Runequest box set although the standard bearer was actually released later in blister format with its own head whereas the box guys came with separate ones. The guy on the right looks like he's wearing a Victorian costume jewellery necklace.

 So expect to see more beastmen/broo of various shapes and sizes over the next few weeks plus the mystery unit leader sometime this coming week.

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