Friday 30 December 2016

2016 Review Time!

 Well it's that time of year again folks; a recap of what I've brushed over the last twelve months.

 It's probably my most proactive year for a long time actually with no real breaks so let's take a look back at what went on.

 It was a bit of a slow start to the year and I was almost through the whole of January before I managed to get something finished; a nice Chaos Warrior from the Collect Counter series. Something straight forward to ease me back in gently.

 The idea of a Tilean warband had appealed to me for a while; I had a lot of fun with figure selection with this one with a mixture of Eternal Champion and classic fighters.

 I rounded off my Star Reavers Space Marine chapter with a riding lizard unit. I'd always wanted these guys in the army and was very happy to finally get my wish.

 2016 marked my first ever collaboration projects as well; Chaos warbands in both 40k and WHFB with the hugely talented Rochie Rochfort. There's a little bit for us both to finish off here and there but I had a lot of fun doing these (and I think Rochie did), generating the warbands, bouncing ideas off each other and seeing his take on things. If you can find someone to buddy up with, I wholly recommend this!

 Next up was a converted Confrontation Venator leader. Where there are only four Venator ganger figures, I fancied trying to fill the leader vacancy.

 My most absorbing project of the year, or should I say ever, was my undead diorama which I began at the end of 2015 but completed this summer.

 Originally devising the idea way back in 2001, I finally decided it was time to make it a reality. I won't cram this post up with too many pics so here is a link to its original post where there are more images available to see. I can undeniably say that I'll probably never embark on a project on such a large scale again (well, maybe - watch this space).

 I also made a start on an Orc army which I intend to take my time on and slowly add to when I feel the need.

 I finally managed to finish a confrontation gang thanks to a challenge issued by Colin from the Facebook group, The Palatine Hive. With plenty of gang choices to choose, I opted for the Helmawr Clan.

 Finally this year, I've resumed work on my old Chaos army that I hadn't really added to in recent years. After a few chaos warriors to kick things off again, I've been concentrating on building up a unit of Broo and beastmen. I'll be continuing this project into the new year.

 Looking back I'd have to say this has been my favourite year of the 32 that I've been involved in the hobby. Completing the diorama was very rewarding in particular.
Looking at last year's review I managed to tick off a lot of the boxes for projects I'd planned to get finished this year and the Oldhammer Community has played a large part in that due to keeping my momentum and enthusiasm going. There has been some phenomenal work from you guys out there this year; dare I say it, better than any other year? 2017 will be no exception I'm sure!

 So happy new year to you all and I look forward to seeing what beautiful and inspirational works of art you produce over the coming months.

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